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Last updated 10 October 2016

Death of HTTP

Published 10 October 2016

For many small businesses setting up or reviewing their web hosting solutions, SSL certificates aren't always a... more

Our Bank Account Details Have Changed

Published 9 December 2014

We have changed banks. Please update your records and also make any neccessary changes to standing orders or monthly payments. If you pay by internet banking, please ensure that you update your stored payee details for Web Drive.... more

Digiweb acquires Web Drive Limited

Published 8 September 2014

Digiweb Group announced today that it had acquired Web Drive Limited and received a significant investment from Pencarrow Private Equity. Web Drive operates a number of hosting and domain name brands throughout New Zealand, including Web Drive, Openhost a... more

Types of attacks on websites and servers - Website Security

Published 31 March 2014

Welcome to the first in our series of posts on website security. In this series we're going to take a look at common types of attacks on websites, what to do if your site is the victim of an attack, specifically hardening of your site's code or CMS.... more

Are Virtualised Servers more secure?

Published 9 March 2014

Let's take a look at how virtualised servers can offer security advantages, particularly when comparing with a "bare metal" server or shared hosting of your website or application. The processes and scalability within a "cloud" server suppliers organisati... more

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