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Reduce bandwidth usage by up to 90% and reach the USA 5x faster.

Global Presence

Our CDN has nodes in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the USA.

Increase Performance

Our CDN serves content fast within New Zealand, and 5x faster to the USA and Europe.

Save Money

Serve the same content, faster with fewer servers and up to 90% less bandwidth usage.

Scales Easily

Our CDN takes all the pain of scaling away from your servers.

No Code Changes

Our CDN drops in front of your web site using DNS and requires absolutely no code changes.

Detailed Reports

Full reporting on how much traffic you are serving directly and via our CDN.

How does our CDN work?

Our CDN caches your content as it is requested by users, and then serves subsequent requests directly from the node nearest to your visitors. When you update content, our CDN will automatically start caching it so you don't have to worry about making any changes to the way to publish content or manage your web site.

Can we help you?

If you run a large web site that has any of the following problems, we can help you right now.

  • Your site loads slowly for international users.
  • Your site loads slowly for New Zealand based users.
  • You receive large international bandwidth bills.
  • You have a server that is running out of resources.
  • You are having problems scaling your site to meet demand.

CDN in action

We were approached by a busy New Zealand web site that frequently pushed more than 2Mbps of traffic. Our CDN reduced the bandwidth on their server by close to 99%.

Bandwidth chart

CDN Bandwidth

Tens of thousands of kiwi companies of all sizes choose Web Drive