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The Web Drive Cloud allows you to launch, scale and manage Linux and Windows servers on our New Zealand-based Cloud Infrastructure.

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Pay only for what you use with daily billing and total control over our cloud hosting services. Easily scale memory and storage, run snapshot backups and manage your networking, more info.

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Control Panel

Our Cloud Control Panel gives you total access and control to manage your server environment.


Instantly deploy new servers and upgrade or downgrade existing ones.

Scale on Demand

Scale servers up to 32GB RAM with 250GB of disk instantly, with daily billing.

Load Balancing

Load balance traffic between fully independent deployment groups for high availability.


Configure your own network firewall through our easy to use GUI interface.

Server Imaging

Take full server images and use to recover your server or deploy a clone. Retain images indefinitely.

"Web Drive are more like team members than suppliers, they worked with us as well as for us. They learned about our systems even before we joined them."

Fraser Kennedy, Careers New Zealand

"With can-do engineers, proactive round-the-clock support, and commodity and custom solutions, Web Drive is selling peace of mind. We'll have some of that, thanks."

Matt Cooney, Image Centre

"Web Drive was able to provide the server capacity, performance and most importantly, the required reliability practically immediately."

Kevin Fenaughty, GNS Science

"We were able to cope with increased demand thanks to the flexibility of Web Drive's resources and service."

Lester Binns, Orbus Business Solutions

Our Cloud Server Control Panel

Create a Virtual Machine: Specify the resources you need or load a pre-made template. Server controls: Stop, start, destroy, edit and login via SSH - all from the control panel. Firewall / NAT: Custom routing and exception management. Storage Disk Management: View and perform actions on snapshots & storage disks.

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