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Web Drive's reseller domain name system makes it easier for you to manage your domain name portfolio, whether you are a domain name investor, web site designer or web site hosting provider. Our system has been developed over the past five years to deliver total automation saving you time and money.

If you still manually register, renew and update your customers domain names, you are wasting time that could be spent growing your business!

Reseller Domain Name Pricing

Total Domains Registered .NZ Pricing* gTLD Pricing* .kiwi Pricing*
1000+ $16.50 $13.00 $28.50
500-999 $18.50 $14.00 $31.00
250-499 $19.50 $15.50 $32.00
100-249 $20.50 $16.50 $33.00
10-99 $21.50 $18.50 $34.00
< 10 $35.00 $24.00 $39.00
*All prices apply to registration and renewal and exclude GST.  gTLD includes .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domains.
A restoration fee of $150USD + $30 NZD + renewal applies to gTLD domains in redemption period.

Hundreds of Kiwi web designers & hosting companies use Web Drive

Domain Pricing Examples

Your company has 90 domain names with us, you will pay $21.50+gst per .nz and $20+gst per gTLD domain name. Once you reach 100 domain names you will automatically drop to the new pricing of $20.50+gst and $16.50+gst for all gTLDs.

Receiving Payments

If you use our front-end to remind your customers and allow them to renew or register domain names, you set the price they pay directly to you via our system, which supports:

Credit card transactions are 100% automated, with easy manual approval for bank deposits and cheques. All domain transactions are pre-paid so your customers can never run up an account or leave you with unpaid charges.


Our service is ideally suited to portfolios of 100 or more domains, however if you are just getting started you are welcome to use our service.

Topping Up

Our service works on a pre-paid basis, you can credit your account either automatically or manually using credit card, bank deposit or direct debit. Start with a $200 deposit, and when you register or renew a domain name the fee is deducted from your account. This saves you having to carry out a payment for every domain name transaction.

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